Early Morning Thoughts

It’s 2:15 a.m and I can’t sleep.  My ankle hurts and my thoughts are racing.  

I saw the therapist who worked on my ankle today and now it hurts worse, plus, I have no strong meds to take for it. 

 My spending has been horrible and I cannot spend much more but, I need my car registration renewed with smog today! 

 I am annoyed at my sister for being contradictory.  I mentioned that D. and I were going to communicate as friends and she flipped out, negatively.  Then, when I mentioned that I am going to teach at church, go to school and maybe join a Meet Up group with Crazy, she goes, “I hope you aren’t putting to much on your plate.”. I know she cares, but it’s contradictory comments like that, that really mess me up.  

Crazy is here tonight and is probably going to stay on weekend’s.  She seems to sleep better when not alone.  I seriously wish I had money for a house with a guest house.  That would be the perfect situation for us both.

Read Your Prescriptions

I’ve discovered the problem but,  not the solution.
Apparently,  I ran out of my TACROLIMUS (anti – rejection) and came across the same size bottle;  not realizing it is Topiramate- Topamax 50mg (Migraine Med)
I take Tacrolimus 3 pills in the morning and two at night.  I take Topiramate 1 tab in morning only.  The doctor said 2 was okay but,  it wasn’t helping and I didn’t like what I had read about it. I tried to end it before and doctor said No.
Needless to say,  with my mistake, I have been taking 200mg Topiramate in the morning and 1 50mg (one hundred fifty) at night.
I am having severe side effects ,  and am waiting for doctor to tell me the next step.

Trip & Health Update

So, we went to the funeral service of my friend and it was actually pretty nice for what it was.  They made it a celebration of sorts with mainly happy memories.  It did last a long time,  though and we wound up leaving before the last video

After returning home, I called the Primary and demanded to see her about these mouth blisters. She finally looked at them.  She does not think they are Herpes and has put a Rush on Dermatologist.  She also gave me some burn cream for lips and Hydrocodone for pain.  Hydrocodone doesn’t work,  it just makes me itch. Gotta get a solution soon,  am losing way to much weight.

Poor Petey dog had diarrhea all day and night after we got home since his grandmother let him cat food so ge got nothing today.
Tomorrow,  he can a small bit again. Good Night Again, All!

Weird Lip Issue

So sorry, it’s been a while (seems like I am always apologizing) but, I have been having major lip issues. It is really gross. Major red, round, blistery things that bleed and burn and crack. Did I mention burn? All around my mouth on my lips. For the first four days, I could hardly eat and mainly ate chips and milk shakes so I could drink from a straw or just not touch my lips. Yes, I lost more weight but, we won’t go there. I went to the doctor who had no idea what it is.

One of the girls from church said she gets outbreaks of this a lot and suggested a medication that treats Herpes and Shingles type infections, so I asked the doctor for that, and I am taking it now. It is helping a bit. But, it is as if this thing, does not want to go away. So annoying. I have not been able to kiss my husband in over a week. A few days ago, I started eating solid foods again.

I think after I finish the milk shake in the frig, I will stop the Gluten Ease and see how I do. I wonder if maybe I am allergic to it.

If you are a Christian, please pray for me. I always seem to get the weirdest medical issues. Thank-You.