Truth Hurts

I am an Idiot!

  I have been praying every day for over a year for my last husband to clean up from drugs and alcohol and come back to me..only to find out that he now has a Girlfriend

. This is killing me.

  As it’s been, I have been afraid to see him because I would cry.  I don’t know how to handle this. 

  People keep saying to “Get over him” which is not helpful.

  I am not giving up on God or my faith but my prayers seem futile now.  Plus, I wanted to snap at my sister since she was the one who pushed the Annulment.

  I know it’s all my responsibility for my own choices but I am miserable now.

My song for today is The Heart Of The Matter by Don Henley

Diagnosis, Solutions, & Wedding Plan Changes

My beautiful big, girl has a Urinary Tract Infection!  They found some blood in her urine and it was cloudy.  They said it should clear up in about ten days.  They gave her an antibiotic in an injection yesterday and she is already feeling a bit better.  I do pray this helps and she stops with this urge to pee everywhere; I have already lost a shirt, a backpack, a dress, plus, one of E’s socks in the washing process with the smell not going away.

In financial news, I completely forgot about a bank account I have online with money saved for my retirement.  It’s actually a checking/savings account but, I use it as a Retirement Account and sometimes as an Emergency Fund that I have money left over from the sale of my house in  SO. CA.  Thank God, I saw the site on my main page this morning, as, now I feel even better about paying for Firepie yesterday and more confident since I can pay off my credit-card bill, and get back where I need to be financially; before leaving that account alone again to earn interest.

In other news, I have talked to my one friend who was originally going to be my Bridesmaid and explained that since the wedding date is being changed, I have decided to get someone else instead.  I really need someone local to me who can help with the Shower and the actual wedding plans, and this person lives to far away to be available for what is needed.  I do believe she understood and she said she will still attend the wedding, if it is a wknd, she is free.  Now, I have to pray on who my 2nd Bridesmaid will be, as we reset the actual date.