Not Sleeping Solid

Good Morning,

I woke up from a nightmare. I think I slept 6 hours from 10-1 then 4-7.  I haven’t been sleeping solid. To much on my mind.

Have you ever been bursting with news but you can only tell so many people as things fall into place?  That’s what I am dealing with, now.   It drives me crazy but things are solidified, I will let you know.

Crazy’s friend, Van, was something else. She was blunt to the point of being rude, and was quite conceited. Both Crazy and Van wound up staying here for the night.  I hoped it would be a Slumber Party atmosphere but Van insisted on sleeping in the extra room.

My Vacation Back Home

I am on vacation and I can’t sleep. Plus, I can’t say why.  Although, nobody knows me; I do not want to be judged for my life choices and until I seriously figure out what I want, I can’t share them.

I have been having a good time so far and tomorrow (today) I am going to Knott’s Berry Farm and seeing my cat tomorrow night.  I’m beginning to think I should have stayed longer since I won’t have time to see everyone I planned. But, that is out of the question, financially.

It’s a bit weird staying with a family but everyone is super nice and make me feel like I am part of it.

Sleep Not Solid

I jerked awake thinking it was a new day before realizing that I only went to sleep 90 minutes ago.  

I have read somewhere that you should not be playing computer games before bed and I wonder if that is my problem.  I am addicted to a certain game and have been playing myself to sleep for the last two nights before bed.  Haven’t been sleeping well either.

Physical Pain Better and Worse

So the other night was really bad;my hand doctor put me on medication that I had had when I had a kidney transplant (forgive me I forgot the name of it) Anyway this meant I was supposed to take this medication 6 times a day and I had taken it 4 and my hand popped up totally and was in absolute agony. I called The Hand Doctor twice; I should say they paged him twice, before he answered then he called me back sounding all put out because I had to page him and said “well I’ve never heard of that happening so quickly and maybe just try to lay down and Elevate the hand.” By 1:30 in the morning I was in absolute agony and I call Lyft and had them take me to emergency. Needless to say I was there all night and got absolutely no sleep. This was about two days ago; so for the last two days since I’ve been back, almost all I have done is sleep. Is there a such thing as too much sleep? My body is off. It’s like I’m wide awake now at 4:30 in the morning but I don’t know if I’ll last all day. And my handyman is coming over to paint and get quite a bit done. 

Aside from that, let’s see, I believe I fixed this blog so that I can put pictures and video up. At least I’ve

done pictures.  I’ll have to work at the video but every morning and night I listen to Kelly Clarkson Stronger and I actually feel stronger, at least mentally. I am going to get over this and be stronger physically soon too.

 I hope you all have a great day

. Oh, hey, if you are experiencing daylight savings time like I am, how do you like it? Personally I think it’s ridiculous. It just messes up with your body it messes up your time schedule like seriously why are we messing up with time and why are we messing up with clouds?  Those are things that should be left .alone in my opinion.

Situation Update

I believe I have been getting an awful lot of sleep,  which is both good and bad.

I believe a lot of it has to do with depression from the situation.   It’s hard to tell my husband I don’t love him,  when I do, and when I tried to explain that I will always have some love for him, he took it wrong.   I believe he was served last Saturday,  but,  I could be wrong.   I really do want him to get his stuff out soon,  so I can sell this house and move.   Plus,  I am tired of feeding his fish especially the Catfish who eat other live fish.   They should all very Vegetarian,  like me. 

Since Firepie is gone, it’s been quite peaceful among the remaining cats.  Was that one or two weeks ago she went away?   I do miss her but, my Ex sends pictures and tells me she is happy watching the golfers and squirrels from the window.   She went to a condo of her own where she gets all the attention. 

In other news,  I took the car in but, am taking it back tomorrow to hopefully get the air fixed.   It hasn’t really worked since I got it and blows hot verses cold air which is useless especially in weather over 100.

Accidentally Up All Night

Okay, So my husband works nights at the hotel; from midnight to eight am.

Tuesday night he stayed up all night here.  He put together a cabinet I have been bugging him about and my new fishtank.  He even set up the whole SpongeBob Clan in it  for me   He also worked on cleaning the Art Room so I can finally get into it with a vacuum.  Needless to say, it was all amazing!

Well, last night he planned to clean the garage and inside the car. (Our lives get hectic and we don’t really clean.) He wanted me to help him, so I bought the largest coffee they had at Starbucks in order to stay awake.  I drank it on the way home and finished when we got home; along with a snack.  Well, after cleaning the inside of the car; he suddenly got really tired and needed to sleep.

Needless to say, it was after ten and the caffeine kicked in.  I wound up working in the kitchen, playing with the cats and reading a book.  I didn’t get to bed until 2:30  Then I made noise and accidentally woke him up; so we talked until 3-3:30.  Thankfully, my dog did not  wake me up until 7 a.m.

I may take a nap later.